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Take The Social Media Etiquette Quiz

truefalseAn astounding 74% of online adults spend time on some form of social media. For business professionals, we live and die by how we behave on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. From a business perspective, are you an Emily Post of social media etiquette – or a Homer Simpson? Review each statement below and decide whether it is true or false. Then jump to the answer sheet and see how you fare.

When on social media:

1) Always talk just about yourself and your company.

2) Always ask prospects to be friends with you on Facebook so you can then try to sell them your products or services.

3) Definitely post when you’re overly-tired, jet lagged, intoxicated, angry or upset.

4) Always use another person, animal or object as a profile picture.

5) You should constantly let everyone know what you’re doing all the time, like eating or whining.

6) When sending a connection request on LinkedIn, you should always rely on the default message “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

7) Connect with everyone who sends you a request.

8) If you have a conflict with someone, you should resolve it offline.

9) It’s OK to use text shortcuts when communicating with prospects.

10) It’s OK to stir up controversy when posting online.

How did you do? Find the answers here.