Signage: Smokey Bones Bar


Sign 1: Smokey Bones wanted more appealing signage to draw attention to their drink specials. We thought what could be better than a dark, yet brightly colored layout highlighted by an awesome martini? And if you look closely, you’ll see that our design is international 🙂

Sign 2: Smokey Bones called this poster for their annual Halloween Bash “One of the best designs ever done for us.” We’re not blowing our own horn here, they said it – but we do think it’s Hallooweeny enough.

Sign 3: Smokey Bones also has an annual Christmas party, but this time they wanted to acknowledge Santa’s workforce, the elves. We agree that the elf representative looks pretty tall.

Sign 4: Smokey Bones had a promotion for Three Olives vodka, which was posted on Facebook (no printing). Heck, if you’re on that beach, you’ll drink anything right?

Sign 5: Smokey Bones had another promotion, this one for Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila. We definitely had some fun with this one – and maybe a little tequila…