Our Design/Development Process

Whether it’s your first website, enhancement of your current site or a complete site redesign, this is our approach:

1. Website Assessment. A website assessment is an important step in determining whether your current site needs to be upgraded or replaced altogether. We assess site aspects such as visual appeal, navigation, functionality and SEO strength. Depending on the age and condition of your site, you may not need to completely start over.

2. Theme Customization. There are literally thousands of WordPress themes (templates) available for virtually any industry you can think of. A WordPress theme is the foundation of what will become your website, a shell incorporating the core WordPress application along with some other basic functions – it also serves as a basis for your site’s design. Taking into account your business and industry, we’ll determine what theme will work best as a starting point of your project. Once your theme choice is made, we’ll begin work on the initial website concept.

3. Concept Submission. Using all currently existing content that you may have, we’ll create the site concept, going as far as we can with content, aesthetics and required functionality. We’ll fill in the blanks on things such as how many pages you need, navigation, colors and fonts. We will then present this to you for review.

4. Site Edits. You will have the opportunity to make changes to content, look and function after the initial submission of your site concept. If your request(s) are outside the scope of work previously agreed to, we will provide an estimate of the additional cost.

5. Site Testing. After all edits have been approved, we’ll then test site functionality across browsers and operating systems to ensure a great user experience on any device.

6. Site Launch. Once you and we are confident that the site meets all expectations, it’s time to go live! We’ll deploy the site to a hosting platform of your choice, as well as provide access for you to the WordPress dashboard, where you can make any future changes or updates at your leisure.

Contact us today at 617-365-2412 to find out more or to ask for a quote. You may also fill out the contact form below.