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Web Design is more than just making your site look nice.

New Sites

Web design is about more than aesthetics. Designing a site means not only determining how it’s going to look, but how it’s going to navigate, function and perform. All these elements contribute to a great user experience, which of course is the main objective of a website. Without a good experience, your site will not do what you want it to do – convince visitors to take action.

We specialize in WordPress-driven, mobile-friendly websites. A CMS allows you to control website content and function far more efficiently than without one, not to mention improving the security of your site as well as search engine recognition.

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Site Re-Design

Maybe this isn’t your first rodeo, and you already have a website that’s – to put it kindly – not up with the times. Hey, it happens. The good news is that you recognize the fact that your current site is not cutting it, and a brand new, high-performance website is exactly what you need to bring your business to the next level.

With a redesign, you’re already ahead of the game in that some of your content can be reused (although edits will probably be necessary), and maybe even certain images as well. This will help speed up the process, otherwise the actions we take are the same as with first-time sites.

Just what are those actions? Read on.

Maintenance Plans

No time or interest in making site changes yourself? No problem! We’re happy to keep your site evolving for you. We offer several monthly maintenance plans to fit your needs and budget — our basic plan starts at just $99!

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