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Website Tune Ups

A website tune up and maintenance plan can bring your site up to speed and keep it there.

Your website's value is declining.

By the time it launched, you had probably spent a good amount of time and money on your website to ensure it was going to work for you as intended. Hopefully, your investment generated the ROI you were looking for. But, if you’ve done nothing to maintain it since its launch, your website’s value has declined and will continue to do so.

Websites – like cars – are hi-tech pieces of machinery with complicated systems that must be kept in top shape to reliably perform. This is why a site tune up and regular maintenance plan is critical. Whether it’s technical updates, upgrades or content edits, all contribute to what you need your website to do: provide a good user experience.

A not-so-new website may have issues that include:

Outdated Content

Small or low quality images 

Confusing Navigation

Bad functionality 

Slow load times 

One of the most important issues an aging website may have is security flaws. Considering that online security is on everyone’s mind these days, it is extremely important to keep your site’s functions up to date. Find out more about issues your website may be having here.

With the above in mind, why not get that “new car smell” back with an FYWN site tune up and subsequent maintenance plan? A small maintenance investment can go a long way to having your website be a true reflection of your business – attractive, efficient and secure.

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